Workshop: Spatio-Temporal Statistics with R (Sydney, 29-30 April 2019)

The Course

Noel Cressie and myself are offering a workshop at the UOW Sydney Business School, on 29/30 April. This 1.5-day workshop is based on our recent book that is freely available for download from It considers a systematic approach to analysing spatio-temporal data, with a particular emphasis on hierarchical (empirical and Bayesian) statistical modelling. The workshop, which is endorsed as an activity of the Environmental Statistics Section of the Statistical Society of Australia (SSA) , will cover the following topics in spatio-temporal statistics.

  • Key concepts of hierarchical modelling; overview of requisite background in spatial statistics.
  • Data wrangling with spatio-temporal data.
  • Spatio-temporal data classes in R.
  • Visualisation of spatio-temporal data using lattices and grammar of graphics.
    EDA for spatio-temporal data (including visualisation and empirical dimension-reduction) in R.
  • Standard statistical models for spatio-temporal data.
  • Covariance functions and spatio-temporal kriging in practice.
  • Rank-reduced spatio-temporal modelling approaches.
  • Dynamic spatio-temporal modelling.

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